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Dr. Michelle Albert

Dr. Michelle Albert moderates important webinar on racism, anti-blackness and the path forward

Dr. Rita Redberg

Dr. Rita Redberg receives a 2021 Perelman School of Medicine Distinguished Graduate Award from the…

SPOT Awards

11 winners announced for Cardiology Division SPOT Awards

Translational Cardiac Stem Cell Research Program

The Translational Cardiac Stem Cell Research Program prepares participants for future success

Dr. Kirsten Tolstrup

Dr. Kirsten Tolstrup selected as Associate Chief of Ambulatory Cardiology

Dr Greg Marcus

Dr. Greg Marcus discusses COVID-19 research study expansion with ABC7 news

Dr Ethan Weiss

Dr. Ethan Weiss Volunteers at NY Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Hospital in the Fight Against COVID-19

Dr Nisha Parikh

Dr. Nisha Parikh leads COVID-19 Clinical Guideline Committee

dr michelle albert

COVID-19 and Diverse Populations webinar hosted by Dr. Michelle Albert

dr rita redberg

Dr. Rita Redberg appointed Araxe Vilensky Endowed Chair