Dr. Vaikom Mahadevan featured on KPIX5 CBS Bay Area

Dr. Mahadevan was featured on a KPIX5 news segment featuring two patients who were initially hesitant to come to the hospital due to ‘COVID-Phobia.’

Dr. Mahadevan’s patient Arnaldo Dallera had a leaky heart valve and was feeling palpitation symptoms. Dallera was concerned about going to the hospital and the possibility of catching COVID-19.  Dr. Mahadevan described Dallera’s condition:  “He was having shortness of breath symptoms, and also his heart rate was beginning to rise –  what we call atrial fibrillation.”

With reassurance from his family and physician, Dallera felt safe having the surgery.

Dr. Mahadevan, a top Interventional Cardiology specialist, fixed the valve using a less invasive method. Dallera is now on the mend and recommends that patients don’t wait to seek care.

As described in the story:  “Some statistics from a variety of reports tell the story. Since the pandemic began … 75% of patients have canceled or delayed important medical checkups. Meanwhile, some 35 to 40% of those suffering symptoms of heart attacks or strokes are not getting to the emergency room in time.”  The UCSF Health Division of Cardiology encourages patients to seek medical attention promptly. 

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