Awards & Honors

11 winners announced for Cardiology Division SPOT Awards

The UCSF Division of Cardiology leadership is proud to announce the 11 SPOT award winners for 2019-2020. Faculty and staff from the division nominate qualified staff for SPOT awards to recognize their exceptional and noteworthy contributions. Each award winner is given a prize amount of $1,000 (or up to 10% of base salary, whichever is lower).

This year’s Cardiology Division SPOT award winners are:

  • Emina Seremet-Muftic, Specialty Centers Project Manager
  • Emily Wilson, Staff Research Associate, Olgin lab
  • Dereca Akins, Finance Operations Analyst
  • Cynthia Partida-Higuera, Clinical Research Supervisor
  • Armando Bravo, Research Programmer, Eureka team
  • Helena Eitel, Senior User Experience Designer, Eureka team
  • Marian Weidner, Editorial Manager, JAMA-Internal Medicine
  • Noah Peyser, Scientific Program Manager, Eureka team
  • Ryan Runge, Software Development Manager, Eureka team
  • Sara Bravo, Regulatory Specialist, Clinical Research Infrastructure
  • Xochitl Butcher, Study Product Manager, Eureka team

Hats off to you and thank you for all your hard work!

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