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The UCSF Echocardiography Fellowship Program is housed within the Adult Echocardiography Laboratory of the UCSF Medical Center located in the Moffitt-Long Hospital. Annually, the lab performs over 10,000 echocardiograms, including transthoracic, transesophageal and stress (exercise or pharmacologic) studies.

The Echocardiography Training program is affiliated with the clinical Cardiology Fellowship at UCSF, which is fully accredited by the American Board of Internal Medicine. We offer a combined clinical and research fellowship in echocardiography. The primary aims of the program are to provide Level III training in echocardiography as outlined by the American Society of Echocardiography and to provide a sound basis in research. In general, these research projects follow the broader interests of the laboratory such as measurement of left ventricular volume and mass, transesophageal echocardiography, the noninvasive assessment of cardiac performance during exercise or pharmacologic intervention, coronary flow reserve, outcomes research, contrast and three dimensional reconstruction. The laboratory scientific/academic staff (research fellows, clinical fellows, research nurses, attendings and visiting scientists) is expected to participate vigorously in our research activities. A thorough curriculum, including academic conferences has been a tradition at UCSF. We have a rotation schedule that favors either a one to two year commitment to the echocardiography training program with interspersed research blocks for focused echocardiography related projects.

The Advanced Echocardiography fellow will hone clinical skills in echocardiography related primarily to acquired heart disease in the adult patient as they develop skills in advanced echocardiographic methodology including strain imaging, 3-dimensional imaging and contrast echocardiography. The fellow works on established research projects within the laboratory and will be expected to work on independent research projects. They develop their own protocols, submit the project for approval by the Committee on Human Research, recruit subjects, collect and collate data. They are responsible for the statistical analysis and for the manuscript preparation. Additional clinical skills are developed primarily in the arena of adult congenital heart disease. Their teaching and scholastic skills are enhanced as they assume greater responsible for running conferences and teaching first year fellows The echo and advanced echo clinical training program is designed to provide the fellow with level III training in clinical echocardiography as defined by the American College of Cardiology and the American Society of Echocardiography, provided that a general cardiology fellowship has been or will be completed as well. Upon completion of the echo fellowship, qualified participants are eligible to sit for the examination of Special Competency in Echocardiography (ASCeXAM). If he/she passes the examination, the applicant will receive certification as a Level III Echocardiographer as determined by the National Board of Echocardioography.

The UCSF Advanced Imaging Fellowship has was developed in response to the need for graduates of cardiovascular fellowships to have training in the new modalities of CMR and CCT and to provide radiologists with further training in Advanced Cardiac Imaging. A collaborative Advanced Non-invasive Cardiovascular Imaging Fellowship allows trainees in Cardiology to be exposed to the expertise in Radiology (such as technical expertise, approach to interpretation and imaging modalities not available in Cardiology) and trainees in Radiology to be exposed to expertise in Cardiology (such as clinical expertise, patient access, broad range of diagnostic approaches, and imaging modalities not available in Radiology). Most importantly, the collaborative fellowship creates opportunities for extensive clinical and research collaboration.

Application Information

*We are no longer accepting applications for 2015*

If you are interested in applying for 2016, please download the application for the Echo/Adv Echo/Imaging-Training Program for 2016. The deadline for 2016 is Sept. 1, 2015.

How to apply:

Please send the application along with your curriculum vitae, your research interests, and 3 letters of recommendation discussing your skills as a clinician, including letters from the program directors of your current and past training programs to:

Elyse Foster, MD
Director, Echocardiography Laboratory
Box 0214
San Francisco, California 94143-0214

For questions, or to inquire about your application status, please contact:

Carol Iwaoka, Academic Analyst
Telephone: (415) 353-9156
E-mail: carol.iwaoka@ucsf.edu